KID CONVOS | Rio 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

 Let me take you to Rio, Rio
Fly'o the ocean like an eagle, eagle
And we can chill in my gazebo, gazebo
Oh, oh, oh, oh, na, na, na 

- "Rio" (2011 film) -

*Sitting on the couch with M and A, watching the 2016 Summer Olympics Women's 200m Freestyle Swim. A is holding a goat plush toy.*

M: Which one's from America?

Me: Missy Franklin. She's in lane 7.

A: Her name's Missy what?

Me: Missy Franklin. She represents the USA, so we should cheer for her!

A: Go Missy!

M: Go Missy!

*race begins*

A: Wow, they all have big splashes.

Me: Go Missy, go!

M: Go Missy!

A:Go Missy!

*M and I continue watching while A continues cheering Missy on*

M: Aww, she's not winning.

Me: Yeah, but that's alright. I'm sure she's just honored to be there.

A: Come on Missy!!

M: A, I think you're distracting her. You probably should stop.

Me: *stifles laugh*

A: Go Missy!

*race ends; Missy comes in 8th*

M: Told ya you were distracting her.

A: ohh. :(

Me: She's alright. Look! She's congratulating the other swimmers for doing good! That's being a good sport. It's important to do that.

Momma: She's letting the sunshine in, like the song!

A: You need to sing that to my goat.

The End.

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