MUSIC | The February Playlist

Sunday, February 12, 2017

So I think it's pretty obvious now that consistent blogging is not my strong suit. As much as I'd like to have something up every week (actually, it'd be a miracle for there to be something every month!), I lack inspiration for post ideas and a general enthusiasm for writing ;P 

But hey, I actually came up with an idea and I *think* I'm going to stick to it!! *uncorking cream soda bottles and throwing confetti and shouting 'hallelujah, Izzy has thought of something'*

Would you be interested in knowing what kind of music I've been listening to lately? You would! Good, because that is what I'm going to blog about today!!! What a great idea, right?!  

My new idea is to share with you what kinds of tunes I've been listening to every month! I used to only listen to the same music all the time (wait, who am I kidding...I still do that!) but since I've been commuting to school, I've been able to hear new music all the time on the radio (thanks JoyFM!) and from Pandora and YouTube while working on homework. 

Without further ado, here is THE FEBRUARY PLAYLIST!

1. Geronimo by Sheppard - I had the pleasure of taking a trip to St. Louis with some dear friends this past weekend for a little fellowship and shopping, and this unique song happened to be playing at IKEA. It was so catchy and upbeat, that I've had it in my head ever since then, and I knew it was going to be on the list :) Even if it wasn't the artists' meaning, it reminds me of jumping off the side of my grandparent's pool and yelling "GERONIMO!!!" as a little kid!

2. Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE - this song seems to be everywhere! I first heard it on Pandora, then on NEEDTOBREATHE's album "Live From the Woods at Fontanel" (which was an awesome birthday present from my folks!), then on the radio...I like the sound of it and the message of siblings sticking together through the tough times. 

3. Free as a Bird by Rend Collective - ah, Rend Collective! Their campfire songs are just the greatest, and I have a feeling that they'll be featured every month - they're always on my playlist! Such wonderfully fun and worship-filled fellowship they seem to have; I hope we can one day organize times of worship and comradery like that with our friends :)

4. Ring of Fire by Home Free (Johnny Cash Cover) - okay, so I actually just now realized that I put two Johnny Cash covers back-to-back; but do I regret that? No ;) My brother introduced me to Home Free, because he likes A Capella bands and is an aspiring bass singer (he is actually super duper good, but he mostly just sings at home), and now we all just love this cover :) :) I think Home Free is amazing, but Avi Kaplan's deep voice really makes this song awesome. 

5. Quarter Chicken Dark by Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Stuart Duncan, and Edgar Meyer - when I first bought my mandolin in the summer of 2015, I was desperately searching for some inspiration, and I came across Chris Thile. Then, I saw that he had released an album with some other *amazing* musician-gentlemen titled "The Goat Rodeo Sessions". Um. "Goat Rodeo"? I have goats. I like rodeos. I also like Chris Thile and those other guys. I wonder what that music sounds like? And that, my friends, is when I first heard this song (odd title, I know, but the style is so unique and mesmerizing and *awesome* that it just had to be on the list!)

6. Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols - I think any Christian girl who entered her early teen years in the 2011-2013 time frame knows who Jamie Grace is, and subsequently now has "God Girl" stuck in her head (Grace, I'm referencing you now, dear *wink, wink*!), but not very many people have heard of her equally-talented sister, Morgan. I think her voice is just splendid, and this song is just the sweetest thing, and I listen to it nearly every day, so, yeah. :)

7. Count on Me by Bruno Mars - I always associate the name "Bruno Mars" with that annoying bird on Rio 2, so I never listen to his music, but when I was looking for a best-friend song as a gift to Grace last month, (lol, that's the third time I've mentioned her in this post!) I came across this gem, and my little siblings and I have been humming it all this month. It's just such a sweet message, and the counting reminds me of Sesame Street :)

8. Josephine by Joey+Rory - I've been daydreaming about this year's Battle of Pilot Knob Reenactment already (yes, I know it's not until September!), and this song is such a heart-wrenching reminder of all that the soldiers during the Civil War went through. It might be strange to have such a sad song on my shuffle, but I think we all-too-often forget the sacrifices that the men on both sides made for their beliefs, and I appreciate the reminder that this song brings. 

9. Life is Beautiful by The Afters - sometimes when I exercise in the mornings, I watch portions of movies to keep my mind off the pain and exhaustion (you not-in-shape people know what I mean!), and this month I was watching October Baby. That movie is such an eye-opener! People need reminded that life is beautiful and precious. The background score for the film is so lovely, but this end-credit song really drives the message home. 

10. No Longer Slaves by I Am They - this band is just so good about presenting God-glorifying songs to His children, so I never miss out on an opportunity to listen to their music! They cover this Bethel Music classic so well :) :) What a thrilling notion to know that we are no longer slaves to fear because of Christ's redeeming love and grace!!!  

So there you have it folks: the first installment of monthly playlists! 

What kind of music have you been listening to this month?