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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sweet summer,
Yeah I remember that.
Sweet summer,
Let me take you back.

- Diamond Rio -

Spring and summer are are my favorite times of year. Actually, every time of year is wonderful, but seeing as how we're transitioning between spring and summer right seems like a good time to marvel at how wonderful these seasons truly are.

What Springtime Has Meant to Me This Year:




Green leaves
Robins and barn swallows
Tennis matches
Pretty sunsets
Lightweight jackets goats

Yep! Baby goats arrived this spring on our little dairy farm!

They've actually grown up quite a bit since these photos were taken, and some of them have gone on to new homes. 

Spring is a time that signifies new life, especially on a farm. We are so blessed to be part of these little goat's lives! They're just so cute! :)

 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Upcoming Summer:

Kittens - after baby humans and baby goats and baby dogs, baby cats are definitely the cutest!! I don't think our (slightly self-centered and spoiled) barn cat would like it if we brought home kitties, so I just go over to friends' houses to cuddle theirs ;)

Hiking - treacherous trails with fearless friends in converse shoes! ;) I hope we do something similar to that again (perhaps less treacherous, eh?)

Fishing - I myself am not a fisher-woman, but everyone else in my family loves I see more "take a picture of this whopper that I caught" (which I love doing by the way) in store for this summer. 

Poppa Burgers and Grandpa's Hotdogs - words cannot even describe them. Pictures don't even do them justice. It's like summer in your mouth. Mmmmhhhmmm...

Swimming - kinda goes without saying if you have had the pleasure of experiencing a 90-degree Missouri summer.  

Daylight Saving Time - there is something spectacular about the length of summer days!

Ice Cream - :) :) :) :) :)

Independence Day - I love celebrating the Fourth of July!!! We always try to have a bunch of people over, and it is the highlight of my summer! Good fellowship and lots of fireworks (we have some...ahem...pyromaniacs in the family, so the firework display is always...very fireworky) Can't wait for this year's 4th (three more weeks!!!)

Off-road vehicular transportation - anyone else got that need for speed?

Bonfires - smokey food and lasting memories!

So many wonderful things to look forward to! Yet in the midst of it all, we must remember to look upward and thank God for all the opportunities He gives! :)

The End

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