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Friday, June 3, 2016

*While I was relaxing on the couch, the 'middle little bear' comes up to me dressed as a doctor. The following is our conversation.*

A: You need any help to feel better, I know how to fix you. What do you need help with?

Me: Oh Doctor! I'm in such pain! Whatever shall I do?!?

A: I know just what to do.

*she reaches over to the table being the couch and emerges with an illustrated children's Bible*

A: This helps you. I will read it.

*opens Bible to 'read' first page*

A: At first God made the darkness. See how dark? God thought it would be better with brightness, so Him made the light. That what the first page say.

Me: Ohh. Wow!

A: Yeah. Then Him made the sky and trees and stuff.

*notices next page has a small tear at the top*

A: Oops. Tsk tsk tsk. Can't read this page, it haves a wip (rip). I guess you'll never get to know what happened that day.

Me: Aww! That makes me sad!

A: Yeah, but it be okay. I read you about the animals and man tomowwo (tomorrow). But before that, you need west (rest) so your pains be okay. Night!

Me: Okay. Night!

*pretends to snore whilst onlooking doctor giggles*

The End

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  1. Sounds like a smart doctor with an awesome education and very sweet bedside manners!!❤️ Love, Grammee


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